StudySize is a user friendly Windows application to calculate the sample size needed in a study, survey, or experiment. It can be used to study a range of scenarios when the plan is to test, give an estimate, or calculate a confidence interval for the parameter of interest.

It comprises a wide range of procedures with examples and explanations of the parameters in a help menu. There is also a separate pdf document with the examples for printout. The results are presented as tables or graphs and summarized in text to be copied and pasted into slides or other documents.

The calculations in StudySize have been validated against the articles they are based on as well as against other sample size software.

Summary of features.

  • Calculations for most standard tests as well as for specific parameters in common statistical distributions
  • Comprises hypothesis testing, point estimation, and confidence interval
  • Any parameter can be calculated (not only sample size and power)
  • Simultaneous power comparisons in multiple windows
  • Results presented as single values or in tables and graphs grouped by two other parameters
  • Text summary and description of performed analysis
  • Probability-, distribution-, and hazard function plots for common statistical distributions.
  • Monte Carlo simulation option when large sample formulas may be inappropriate
  • Equivalence- and non-inferiority testing for most tests
  • Group sequential methods for the most common designs
  • Multiple comparisons using the most common approaches
  • A wide range of non-parametric tests for different assumed statistical distributions
New in Version 3.0 .

CREOSTAT HB, Enbarsvagen 11, 42655 V.Frolunda, Sweden, email: mail@studysize.com